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the field of Civil Aviation between the Civil Aviation Admin▓istration of China (CAAC) and the Federal Aviation Admini▓stration of the United States.Besides the aviation f▓ield, Chinese and US officials also hope the Chinese a▓nd US public and private bodies to jointly build high speed railways, said the statement.10th annu

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al meeting of▓ CAST opens in ZhengzhouA number of reasons would e▓xplain why China has emerged as an innovation superpower. You have to take into consideration that it鈥檚 the wor▓ld鈥檚 most populous nation and the second largest econo▓my in our globe. The rise of China did not happen by accident. The late Chinese leader De

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ng Xiaoping had pa▓ved the path to prosperity by introducing reform and opening up.Why China is leading in innovation?Why China is leading in innovation?11-20-2019 17:59 BJTSo as we c▓an see for ourselves, China will continue to push ah▓ead on innovations and our entire world will be a much better place for it.Please scan t

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